Tuesday, May 2, 2017


At school i learn about a lot of things,

2: At first I learn about 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes.

   A 2D shape is like a square,it's basically a 2 dimensional this is how it works: It is a shape that has no death,is Length and Width,Some examples:Square,Rectangle...
          But there is differents types of how to find the area on a 2D,
  Like a triangle.
      To find the area of a triangle you need to make 2 triangles to make a square,than you do Length X Width to get the area,than you divide by 2.

      A 3D Shape has 3 volumes,Base X Height X Death.

         Some examples: Cube,Rectangular Prism,Triangular Prism.

  2: At the 2nd block I learn about a criteria, a criteria is writing a problem solution report,To write this, the first thing you need is hug the reader with a interesting paragraph,it can be either a question or a normal sentences an lest is important.
Than you need a paragraphs; you need a translation of words which means: Switching a word into another so you don't repeat it again and again.
  To end your story you need a conclusion which means the ending paragraphs.

3:At the 3rd block I learn about Science which is flights. Is all about airplanes or things that can fly, when you blow it or by itself Like:
Airplanes, yet, golfs balls when you blow them.

4:At the 4th Block I learn about Sante,Which is drugs

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