Tuesday, May 2, 2017


At school i learn about a lot of things,

2: At first I learn about 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes.

   A 2D shape is like a square,it's basically a 2 dimensional this is how it works: It is a shape that has no death,is Length and Width,Some examples:Square,Rectangle...
          But there is differents types of how to find the area on a 2D,
  Like a triangle.
      To find the area of a triangle you need to make 2 triangles to make a square,than you do Length X Width to get the area,than you divide by 2.

      A 3D Shape has 3 volumes,Base X Height X Death.

         Some examples: Cube,Rectangular Prism,Triangular Prism.

  2: At the 2nd block I learn about a criteria, a criteria is writing a problem solution report,To write this, the first thing you need is hug the reader with a interesting paragraph,it can be either a question or a normal sentences an lest is important.
Than you need a paragraphs; you need a translation of words which means: Switching a word into another so you don't repeat it again and again.
  To end your story you need a conclusion which means the ending paragraphs.

3:At the 3rd block I learn about Science which is flights. Is all about airplanes or things that can fly, when you blow it or by itself Like:
Airplanes, yet, golfs balls when you blow them.

4:At the 4th Block I learn about Sante,Which is drugs

Thursday, January 19, 2017

At  my class in school I practice math,after that happens it's recces time,after recess Its language time until 12.00 pm,at 12.00 pm it s lunch time,after lunch,its lunch recces after lunch recess its frech time until the end of school.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


                        What I do at school?

When we start the class,what I do is listen to the teacher and learn math,language,reading-making connection.

Sometimes there is special things at school like,P.D Day,Rafiki sales,Pizza,Milk,SubWay,Elephant Sale,Rememberings Day,ThanksGiving,Etc

 After the 2 blog,I eat my lunch and then go to recess.

After recess is done,I go to french  emergyn,there we learn about french do presentation and groups work.

After class are over,I take the buss to go home.  

Friday, November 4, 2016

On our slide with,Alejandro and Salah,We will talk about cyberbullying and to stop doing it.

What is cyberbullying,Cyberbullying is when you start saying bad things to a person online like:
Your so route you should die on hell because you betrayed me.

If you cyber bully someone you should stop because,It is a bad idea to do,cause if someone does that to you,you will feel like you have no friends.
Other reason why you should stop is because,if you're in that guy's school and they got you,like they know is you,Teachers will be calling home and probably get suspended from school
AnOther reason why you should stop cyberbullying is because,God doesn't like it.